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High Fidelity

2000 Drama, Comedy, Romance


When record store owner Rob Gordon gets dumped by his girlfriend, Laura, because he hasn't changed since they met, he revisits his top five breakups of all time in an attempt to figure out what went wrong. As Rob seeks out his former lovers to find out why they left, he keeps up his efforts to win L...

Directed by

Stephen Frears

Written by

John Cusack (Screenplay)
Nick Hornby (Author)
D.V. DeVincentis (Screenplay)
Steve Pink (Screenplay)
Scott Rosenberg (Screenplay)


113 minutes


United States of America, United Kingdom




John Cusack
as Rob Gordon
Iben Hjejle
as Laura
Todd Louiso
as Dick
Jack Black
as Barry
Lisa Bonet
as Marie DeSalle
Catherine Zeta-Jones
as Charlie Nicholson
Joan Cusack
as Liz
Tim Robbins
as Ian 'Ray' Raymond


#446 on Empire's 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time Empire